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Bacardi Anejo Cuatro Rum 70cl

A four-year-old golden rum that’s inspired by Bacardi founder Don Facundo’s original recipe. Anejo Cuatro is a vibrant spirit with notes of honey, vanilla and…

Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum Miniature, 5 cl

Whilst Bacardi is now a World renowned Brand, it’s origins are much more humble and interesting than most might expect. After an earthquake in 1852,…

Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, 70 cl

Bacard?? Carta Blanca White Rum is the world’s most-awarded rum. With its distinctive vanilla and almond notes developed during the 12-month ageing process in white…


Carta Negra is the new name for Bacardi Black. A dark rum from the world’s biggest rum brand, this is full-bodied and rich and tastes…

Bacardi Coconut, 70cl

Crafted for intense flavour Contains natural ingredients Expertly blended for character and authentic flavour Bacardi Coconut is expertly crafted by Bacardi with intense flavours to…

Bacardi Raspberry Rum (70CL / 32% ABV)

Only the choicest raspberries are used to create Bacardi Razz. A mix of dark and sweet Marion berries and slightly tart red raspberries gives it…

Bumbu Craft Rum | Lil’ Wayne

Bumbu’s heritage isn?t justhistorical ? it?s geological. Unlike most Caribbean islands (formed byvolcanos), Barbados was created by coral reefs. Here, our ground water ispurified as…

Captain Morgan Original Spiced 70cl (Price Marked ?14.79)

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is a premium spirit drink made with the finest Caribbean Rum expertly blended with adventurous spice and natural flavours. Easy…

Captain Morgan White Rum, 70 cl

Captain Morgan Rum is named after a Pirate who lived during the mid 17th Century. His was adventurous to say the least, seeing him become…

Dead Man’s Fingers Coconut Rum, 70cl

Dead Man’s Fingers Coconut Rum is a blend of rums from Trinidad and Barbados that is aged for three years and then flavoured with coconut…

Diplomatico Mantuano Single Modernist Rum 70cl / 40%

Mantuano is a replacement for Diplomatico’s Reserva Rum. A rich and rounded Venezuelan rum, this is delicious stuff, with smooth sweet fruitiness and a silky-smooth…


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